Environmental and Mining Policy Institute


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We deliver fact-based and rigorous research that helps to drive progress, support sustainable development and protect the environment.
We are strategic collaborators, innovators, knowledge brokers and agents of change in environmental and other ecological issues.
We rally people to take action that forces policy makers to make legislation that fights against the destruction of our ecosystems.
These EMPI EMPI EMPI and many others are the objectives that propels the ideas and actions of the Environmental and Mining Policy Institute.
Our strategy outlines how we aim to grow in scope, reach and reputation. EMPI is an independent and non-partisan not for profit institute dedicated to advancing an environmentally sustainable Africa through policy analysis, development and information dissemination.
Our industry experts’ co-ordinate and work together to win strategically directed campaigns that achieve measurable outcomes which helps to make our environment more bio diverse and lovely as it once were.
We make tangible, constructive and significant contribution to conventions, agendas, both management and development plans and government policies. We do this nationally and regionally.
We provide transformational learning experiences that promote environmentally sustainable action which seeks to inspire people, businesses, and communities with experiences, knowledge, and tools that enable them to take action about their ecology.